Exchanging or returning of non-defective items will not be accepted. We appreciate your understanding.

Should an item you purchased from us be found defective, please bring it back to us with the receipt or contact us within 7 days from the date of purchase (not from the date you start using the item).

We will change the defective item or give you a refund (except brand silver items).

Please be reminded that items not accompanied by a receipt, sales items, and outlet items cannot be changed or returned, regardless of the situation.

Important notes on stone handling

* Stones are delicate items and in many cases may easily break.
In addition, depending on the nature of the stone, the color, shine, and texture may also change.

* Some stones may lose color if cleansed using salt or water. Please ensure what can be used before cleansing your stone(s).


Important notes on handling silver products.

* In case of unusual skin conditions such as rash or itching, cease using the product immediately and consult a specialist. 

* Silver products can turn black (sulfuration) from reaction with  moisture or dust in the air, sweat, sulfur contained in hot springs and other elements when exposed to air over a long period of time. If the silver loses its shine due to discoloration, use special cloth and cleaning solution to restore the shine.

* In case of plating (platinum, pink gold, rhodium coating, etc.), avoid wiping with force or using abrasive cloth as doing so may remove the plated surface. When polishing, use soft cloth and wipe gently.

This jewelry has been delicately made. Care should be taken to avoid pressure on the jewelry to prevent deformation.

* Do not wear the product in places with high temperatures (such as a sauna) or extremely cold temperatures (such as a ski resort) to prevent from risks of getting burns or frostbite.

* Remove the product when doing exercises or physical labor, tending young infants, as well as sleeping to avoid deforming the product or causing any bodily harm.

Also keep magnetic items away from people who may have an electronic medical device, such as a pacemaker, as it can be very dangerous for them.

* Take care to avoid placing magnetic products near electronic items or devices, such as floppy disks, computers, and electronic clocks, as it may cause such devices to malfunction.