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Private Information

ANAHITA STONES (the Company) recognizes the importance of personal information and observes all laws and regulations related to the handling of personal information. The Company strives to protect personal information of customers (individual data identifying each customer) as follows.

Customers are defined as people who are considering purchasing or have purchased products of the Company.

Handling of personal information


The Company will use the acquired personal information of customers for the purposes described below and will respond to requests by customers accurately and swiftly while safeguarding the information.

For use within ordinary business tasks in order to provide requested products or services. (Such as using personal information obtained through customer's request for product or information delivery to make the delivery.)
For responding opinions or requests from customers concerning the Company or the Company's products.
For proposing quotations, plans, and other services concerning the Company's products requested by customers.
For contacting customers for after-sale product care and other services.

In case of the need to use acquired personal information for purposes other than those clearly stated, the Company will contact the customer in question in advance to explain the purpose and obtain the customer's agreement before using that personal information.

Providing personal information to a third party


Except for the following situations, the Company will never provide customer personal information to a third party without prior agreement from the customer in question.
When personal information is required to achieve the purposes given above (such as when consigning a delivery company to deliver a catalog requested by the customer).
When data is disclosed without the individual customers being identified (such as in statistical data) or when personal information is required for submission by law, etc.

Management of personal information


The Company will handle and manage personal information provided by customers with great care.
The Company will take necessary, adequate and reasonable measures to protect the privacy of its customers.
The Company will ensure that its outsourced companies conduct necessary and adequate personal information management.

Disclosure, correction, or deletion of personal information

The Company will, upon request by the customer and except where special procedures are in place as stipulated by law, follow the law to swiftly disclose, correct, add, terminate the use of, or delete the acquired personal information of the customer in question.

If you have any questions about the disclosure, correction, or deletion of personal information, or any other requests and queries, please contact the service desk below for more information.

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