Beautiful natural stones known as semi-precious stones that have not received much attention until now.With the hope of providing our customers as much peace and enjoyment as possible in using accessories or miscellaneous goods, such as bracelets or silver items, that are made with such stones and other cherished natural materials in their everyday life, we are offering our products nationwide from Izumo, the place of matchmaking.

 This is what ANAHITA is all about.

We make, repair and arrange original accessories.

In addition to the items available at the store, we also accept orders on the spot.We create handmade bracelets or straps using the stone(s) or lucky color(s) of your choice.There is no limit to what designs can be created using combinations of popular Tenju dzi beads, Sanskrit characters, or sparkling rhinestone parts!anahitaph_02.jpg



We also have a rich variety of silver items♪

At ANAHITA you will find various silver items, including rings, earrings and pendants.Why not try using silver accessories to add a little accent to your daily life?Some items come with an engraved message or can be engraved,you can choose items that are perfect for reflecting your feelings for someone important or your friends.


Lots of interesting things at our stores!

Lots of interesting things at our stores!
ANAHITA is proud to present stores that are each uniquely different, 
be it the popular section of stones recommended for love
or money fortune, or the section that changes according to seasonal themes
—such as Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. 
There are even customers who visit all ANAHITA stores nationwide! 
We are certain you will always find new discoveries every time you visit our stores!


Gemstones—gifts from the earth gathered from around the world☆

We have everything from crystals or amethysts that are easy to be enjoyed to rare gemstones.Stones that are nurtured in the earth with plenty of nature's blessing over a long period of time.Of these, only several percent of beautiful ores are selected and delivered to us.


The origin of ANAHITA Stones

ANAHITA is known as "the moon goddess" or "the jellyfish/water goddess" in Persian.Water is the source of life and it is said that all life forms are born from water (sea).And the moon has been deeply associated with the lives of people in the past who used the lunar calendar that followed the phases of the moon.It is said that the moon has mysterious powers, such as demonstrated in the tides and the concept of the life and death of the people.In desiring such powers, our ancestors began creating and donning magatama accessories with the shape of the moon, in the hope that they may acquire the moon's powers to protect themselves from evil spirits. We hope to see as many customers as possible will learn about the Magatama (Izumo style) that is so closely linked to the moon and wear magatama accessories. anahita.jpg