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Tenju dzi beads

Tenju dzi beads

Yakushiju ´╝łthe healing Buddha dzi bead)

Said to extinguish all kinds of diseases, provide longevity and lead to spiritual peace.

Renshi Hobo

Nurtures wisdom and helps one pass an entrance or qualification examination. Also said to help one achieve fame and popularity, leading one to success in life.

Sotenchi (double heaven and earth)

The supreme of the tenchi Tenju dzi beads; said to bring impermanent happiness and benefits.

Sanshokusenju (tri-colored and lined bead)

Said to have the power to help one surpass others, lead one to fame and business success, and improve one's fortunes.

Ryujintenju (dragon god Tenju dzi bead)

The dragon is the symbol of Chinese emperors; it provides good Feng Shui and good luck, various prosperities, power and authority, as well as abundance of wealth. With this bead one can gain the power and wealth like an emperor. The dragon also symbolizes the dragon vein in Feng Shui. This bead can keep various fortunes continuing to prosper significantly.

Benzaitentenju (Sarasvati (god of wealth, music eloquence and water) Tenju dzi bead)

Summons money fortune, increases economic fortune, brings good luck, provides soaring money and economic fortune and improves ability to accomplish. This bead can bring good luck and fortune.

Hakujatenju (white snake Tenju dzi bead)

The white snake is the incarnation of Sarasvati and it brings wealth, success and luck with gemstone/precious metals. It brings prosperity of wealth to its bearer. The white snake is also believed to protect one's treasure and assets, blessing one with luck when it comes to acquiring gemstones and precious metals.

Daikokuten-benzaiten-tenju (Daikokuten (god of wealth) and Sarasvati Tenju dzi bead)

Benzaitan (Sarasvati): summons money fortune, increase economic fortune, brings good luck, improves accomplishments.
Daikokuten: good harvest, purifies the kitchen of evil spirits, ensures constant provision of food.

Yamagata (mountain shape)

Said to have the power to provide courage against anything and overcome challenges, while increasing one's fortunes like climbing up a mountain.

Hobin (treasure pot)

Said to be a vessel that accumulates wealth and bestows good merits.